Current Investigations

A multi year global database of meandering rivers.

A new classification scheme of meandering rivers, which would potentially complement the Brice (1975) scheme Bedforms-ATM: a MATLAB toolbox for the analysis of the variability of sea and river bed forms. In collaboration with the Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany.

A multidisciplinary project concentrated on the hazard assessment of El Niño Southern Oscillation in Peru. Fifteen fulltime masters students are working on the project, which will be completed in February 2018.

A combined application of flipped classroom and computer fluid dynamics in engineering teaching.

Quantification of the erodibility factor, R, for Peru.

Spatio temporal downscaling of precipitation in the Rimac basin.

Application of structure from motion in geomorphology. This video shows one of our drones flying over the Rimac River.

Finished Investigations

A methodology to estimate soil erosion rates in developing countries at country scale.

This study proposes a RUSLE-based method to estimate soil erosion rates at country scale for developing countries, which commonly exhibit temporal and spatial limitations in ground-based measurements of the fundamental parameters describing such model.
The method we proposed mainly uses up-to-date publicly available datasets. A paper that is under review elaborates on the preprocessing of such data, focuses on the R and C factor of the RUSLE model because they are critical parameters for the model in developing countries, and suggests the use of the sediment delivery ratio as a proxy parameter to validate the RUSLE
model. This video shows our preliminary results.

Environmental cost of soil erosion in Peru.

The environmental cost associated to both onsite and offsite soil nutrients loss triggered by soil erosion was estimated for two large basins in Peru. A paper related to this study is in preparation.

A beta version of Bedforms-ATM: a MATLAB toolbox for the analysis of bed forms.

You can download the software and the companion data from the Publications/Data & Software section of this website.