Data & Software

In December 2016 the latest version of Bed forms analysis toolkit for multidimensional modeling, Bedforms-ATM v1.1, was released. 

  • Bedforms-ATM (Bed forms analysis toolkit for multi-scale modeling) is an GNU-licensed open access software
  • It is proposed to standardize the analysis of both the variability and dimensionality of bed form fields
  • Bedforms-ATM has been designed to encourage its expandability through the collaboration from the users community
  • The code and supporting material can be downloaded from the following link.

Bedforms-ATM is a toolbox recommended by the MARID research group. Currently Bedforms-ATM comprises the following applications:

  • App1: Wavelet analysis
  • App2: Power Hovmoller analysis
  • App3: Scale-based discrimination
  • App4: 3D analysis

Two types of data accompany Bedforms-ATM, namely:

  • Bed form data from the Parana River (Argentina), which comprises 150 bedform proles.
  • Synthetic bed form fields for both rectangular and curved bedforms fields (see figure below) can be downloaded from the PANGAEA repository.

An instructional video on the capabilities of Bedforms-ATM can be seen in one of videos from its Youtube channel:

In April 2019, I taught both the technical background and the use of Bedforms-ATM in the MARID VI at the University of Bremen (Germany).

Credits: MARUM VI (University of Bremen)

The software is based on Gutierrez, R. R., J. D. Abad, D. R. Parsons, and J. L. Best (2013), Discrimination of bed form scales using robust spline filters and wavelet transforms: Methods and application to synthetic signals and bed forms of the Río Paraná, Argentina, J. Geophys. Res. Earth Surf., 118, 1400–1418, doi:10.1002/jgrf.20102.
An open access paper in SoftwareX provides details on the technical aspects of Bedforms-ATM. Please use the following reference when citing the paper:
Gutierrez, R.R., Mallma, J.A., Núñez-González, F., Link, O. and Abad, J.D., 2018. Bedforms-ATM, an open source software to analyze the scale-based hierarchies and dimensionality of natural bed forms. SoftwareX, 7, pp.184-189.

I’ll be pleased to receive your comments! Please feel free to forward this information to potential users of the software.